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Updates and News - Photography 4

Dragonfly 7 by wuestenbrand

14th June 2015 Photography 4

A new Photography Gallery has been opened following the filling of Photography 3.


King Parrot Profile by Okavanga

22nd February 2015 Auto Approval

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

There have been delays in approval of submissions with some being timed out, and I apologise on behalf of my fellow admins. I have now opened up some of the main submission galleries to auto-approval of 1 submission per day.

Free Flower Icon 5 by RevPixy

Please let me know if you would like other galleries on auto-approval or if you have any other suggestions on how to refresh the Group.


Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

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Features and Journals

Pinhole Perturbations

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 9:05 AM
My very good friend feigenfrucht :iconfeigenfrucht: has recently been turning her considerable photographic talents to the subject of pinhole photography - see some examples below.

Kein Entrinnen CO by feigenfrucht  CO Die Parkbank by feigenfrucht  Toskana CO by feigenfrucht

There is a small but active Group Pinhole-Camera devoted to the technique - well worth a visit. Further, there have been some previous Features on the subject on DeviantArt, such as:

Pinhole PhotographyIt is a bittersweet feeling to be talking about this because this is how I first started the world of photography 4 years ago this past August. I arrived at photo class in my sophomore year in high school and the first lesson was pinhole cameras. To my surprise I could make my own camera and develop the prints in the darkroom with out even using a real camera, but one made out of an oatmeal container.
Basic Parts and Functions of a Pinhole Camera
1. Body- light tight bow which holds the light-sensitive photo paper
2. Lens (pinhole)- focuses rays of light from the subject to produce an image onto the photo paper
3. Aperture- the size of the lens opening
---->small- less light enters (long exposure time & sharper image)
---->large- more light enters (shorter exposure time & fuzzy image)
4. Shutter- device that controls when the light enters the lens
5. Focal length- the distance between the lens and the focal plane
---->longer- telescope effect (subject appears larger in
   Through The Lens #6 ~ The Pinhole PhotographDating all the way back to the time of Aristotle there is record of devices that used light to cast an accurate depiction of the devices surroundings on a screen, wall, or plate. These devices are referred to as the camera obscura. They have taken many forms and variations but most of them consist of a dark box with a tiny hole on one side. This would allow light into the box which would then create an image on the opposite wall of the box revealing whatever the hole was pointed at. This device helped early artists, especially the Dutch masters of the 17th century, to produce accurate drawings and paintings with perfect perspective. Some art historians believe that it was not a sharp spike in "artistic ability" that took art to the next level but rather the use of these devices. This idea is still controversial but painter David Hockney and physicist Charles M. Falco have advanced the discussion. There is a wonderful documentary by David Hockney called Secret Knowledge that demons

Here are a few examples of work from Pinhole-Camera

2015-125 Snout by pearwood  pearwood  2014-121 Adjustments by pearwood  pearwood Self-Communication Breakdown IX by Epytafe  Epytafe
 Rappannock River WPPD 2015 by rdungan1918  rdungan  Fixing Daisy by dwerg85  dwerg85  3 by t0mass  t0mass



Without going into detail, there being an abundance of information on the Web about the topic, pinhole photography does not use a conventional lens, but one with a tiny aperture (eg 0.25 mm), the pinhole, that allows light into the sensors. There is no control over the lens, and exposure has to be set, initially at least, by trial and error. The images are normally very soft with low to medium contrast, and variable saturation. There is a considerable dedicated following for this type of photography.

My Efforts

Having been prompted (some might say pushed! :laughing:) by feigenfrucht, I thought I should have another go myself. I use a Holga lens that just slots onto the Canon body. Because exposure times can be substantial - 1 - 10 seconds perhaps, a tripod is normally essential.

I have also been investigating the NIK software package available now from Google that runs via Photoshop Lightroom, and that contains some amazing editing filters. One of these is in the Color Efex Pro 4 suite, and is called the Bleach Bypass filter. First developed about 50 years ago mainly for use in movies, the filter gives rise to a sort of high key black and white image overlaid with a flattened colour image. Google and ye shall find all sorts of info on Bleach Bypass. Anyway, I thought I'd try this filter with my pinhole shots - hence here are some Pinhole Perturbations.

The first image is an anomaly in that the "diamond ring effect" comes from light scattering off the inside of the lens's casing before entering through the pinhole. Careful alignment of the lens with respect to the light source, the Sun in this case, results in the effect with larger or smaller "rings" coming from different angles.

The second image illustrates a second feature of pinhole photography - close-up photography is not a problem, although expect to see some spots and specks in the images as the effective aperture is so tiny that dust/dirt on the sensors will show. The three subsequent images are all "landscapes" where the bleach bypass filter starts to show its potential. Colours are washed out, and the "feel" of the images is like that of old hand-painted photographs. Detail is lost, but block shapes such as the cloud in the last image show their form. Note also that I have left the circular, almost black, vignette in place, this coming from the casing of the lens.

Pinhole Perturbations 1 by Okavanga  Pinhole Perturbations 2 by Okavanga

 Pinhole Perturbations 3 by Okavanga  Pinhole Perturbations 4 by Okavanga  Pinhole Perturbations 5 by Okavanga

Whether these images pass muster in the pinhole photography world is for others to assess, but they are an attempt to explore what many find a fascinating photographic field.

Delivered to you by David Okavanga  for TandemFeatures

More Pinhole Features here:

  Pinhole PhotographyI would just like to feature some Pinhole photography here on dA :D

And my own,

Got any you want to submit?
   Pinhole Camera made out of 150-year-old skullIf you're going to make a pinhole camera for taking pictures with, there are probably more practical cases for it than a 150-year-old human skull. But then again, it's tough to find a more unique camera than the Third Eye, which is indeed made out of an old skull.
It's a sculpture, technically, so it's not like you'll be seeing skull cameras popping up at Best Buy anytime soon, but it is a functioning camera. The skull formerly belonged to a 13-year-old girl, who now has a camera placed on her forehead. I'm sure the photo quality isn't all that great, but hey, you'll always be sure to capture some freaked out expressions on your subjects faces. And that's gotta count for something.
   Worldwide Pinhole Day!April 26th 2009
Worldwide Pinhole Day ! Join in the Wonder of Pinholes!
"No photographer is as good as the simplest camera".  ~Edward Steichen
The most amazing thing about pinhole cameras is they can be made from virtually anything, as long as it can be made completely light-tight. A shoebox, a Pringles tube, a film cannister, a matchbox even! It's mostly trial and error, but that's the joy of photography :) The process should be more fun or at least as much as the result. If you don't already know about the incredible and original methods of capturing and painting with light, where every container can be a camera, check out the links below, and HAVE FUN! You don't need a top of the range 5D amd all the filters and lenses to create incredible images, you don't even need a lens!
Examples of Pinholes

  World Pinhole DayToday (April 25, 2010) is World Pinhole Day!
World Pinhole Day is a day to celebrate the simplicity of a pinhole camera.  A pinhole camera is a camera with no lens... just a single small aperture.  Light passes through the tiny hole creating an image.  Since the aperture is so small with a pinhole camera, it requires a very long shutter speed.  
Pinhole cameras are easy to make!  Or you can turn an SLR (or digital SLR) camera into a pinhole camera by drilling a small hole into a camera bodycap.  
For more information on Wold Pinhole Day and pinhole photography, check out
And check out these pinhole photographs created by talented deviantART photographers:
   Whats in the bag? 009rdungan1918
This week I have something different for you, rdungan1918 is a fellow caffenol user and alternative process photographer. Here he shares whats in his pinhole camera kit bag.  

The contents of my pinhole bag. The bag bought at Goodwill for $3.49, note pad and pen, roll of film in film container, a AirBorne Container (just the right size to hold a roll of 120 film, a 120 film spool with black electrical tape and gaffers tape for emergencies, a imini tripod (I usually carry a bigger tripod), extra roll of film, 1970's light meter, Holga 120 Stereo Pinhole in back ground and the papers in front are exposure guides for different pinhole cameras. One thing not shown in the picture is a cable release I was using in on the Holga 120 WPC taking the image. 
Exposure 9 min & 48 sec, I also took several flash pictures of the setup with my Cannon S95 and Olymp
   2015-033 AlchemyPinhole cameras are more alchemy than science.
I went prowling on-line today for pinhole exposure calculators, having had a series of badly under and overexposed shots. By rights one ought to be able to compute the f-stop by dividing the effective focal length--the distance from the pinhole to the film--by the diameter of the pinhole and work from there. Unfortunately, the relationships are not linear as exposure times get past a second or two and one has to throw in a "reciprocity-failure" multiplier for longer exposures. Fudge factors rule!
I printed the charts and tucked them into my little book, which will now have to do double duty as journal and exposure record. It will henceforth be the alchemist's journal.
I found a reciprocity fudge factor chart at
I found an exposure calculator at
Today's prompt from

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Best of June 2015

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 6:16 AM

Welcome to the Best of June 2015 Feature from Infrared-Club

This is going to be the last such Feature for some time. I've run out of steam, and I need a break. There will be some organisational changes, notably that there is now an Open Folder for both  IR and Exposure Technique work with ALL members, regardless of status, limited to 5 submissions per week. 

I draw your attention to my previous post ==>  Development of the GroupI've been thinking for some time about the future of :iconinfrared-club: We have come quite some way since I took over more than 3 years ago. Nearly 700 members, a few thousand submissions, about 120 (!) Journals/Features, some fruitful discussions, many experimental and reference submissions and so on. Mostly, the Group runs smoothly with the semi-open policy that I instituted; submissions from regular members have a 1 vote acceptance of submissions - more to do with category errors than quality issues; those members who submit quality work on a regular basis are invited to become Expert Members with a 10 submission auto acceptance limit. To broaden the nature of the Extra-Visible aspect of the Group I introduced the Exposure Technique category for mainly HDR and long exposure work.  People come and go but we have many continuing members, some of whose work is outstanding by any photographic criteria. Help is given mainly to the compilation of the "Best of..." monthly feature.
. Any further comments would be most welcome.

Welcome to new members: egypt04 :iconegypt04: soulman1964 :iconsoulman1964: s-pwyll :icons-pwyll: DurantStudio :icondurantstudio: MastersImagingPhotos :iconmastersimagingphotos: amy-elle :iconamy-elle: and to LightSculpting :iconlightsculpting: on being made an Expert Member.

A special mention to puu4ux for this incredible 360 degree panorama!

DSC 8938 stitch out by puu4ux

Best Infrared Images for June 2015


Wedding formal, infrared by jblaschke  jblaschke Miranda and Nathan by Phostructor   Phostructor not smoking at 720nm by vw1956  vw1956  Samson and Delilah 5 in IR by grandart  grandart

 souls by hellmet  hellmet sunshine... by vw1956  vw1956


IR Landscape by vw1956 vw1956  Byways XXIII - Blue Version by eprowe  eprowe  Rubber Picnic by Metal-Bender  Metal-Bender  1064 by Nigrita  Nigrita

The Alps by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz  400 peaks by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz  Iceland by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz

Flowers and Trees 

Comfort Maple Tree 3 (IR) by RuralCrossroads360  RuralCrossroads360    Y Tree II by helios-spada  helios-spada  16 x 9. BW. II by IgorVladi  IgorVladi  Snow Lilly by s-pwyll  s-pwyll

Infrared House by DurantStudio  DurantStudio  breathe by werol  werol  Cementary by MaxArceus  MaxArceus  glamorous by vw1956  vw1956

The Only Moment We Were Alone by Metal-Bender  Metal-Bender  positiv 48 by steineib-photography steineib-photography  LilyIsLand by IgorVladi  IgorVladi


Devil's Bridge by bamboomix  bamboomix  Ghent St. Baafs Cathedral window by robpolder  robpolder  Childhood Dreams - IR by Wayman  Wayman Sunset at Keel SQ - IR by Wayman  Wayman

 Parallel by drhussamm  drhussamm Capra by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz  Baby Blue - Infrared by LightSculpting  LightSculpting


Oslo Opera House II by robpolder  robpolder  Chinese Teahouse II by vw1956  vw1956  Over the wall by egypt04  egypt04  Ann Dixon's Tomb  IR rld 10 dasm by richardldixon  richardldixon

Best Exposure Techniques Images

St Anne by bamboomix    bamboomix  Rideau Falls (HDR) by BrettAZimmerman  BrettAZimmerman  Invading Lilly Pads by systemcat  systemcat  Madeira 3 by sylverface  sylverface

eggHDR1721 by The-Egg  The-Egg  Bella Corsica by ratinrage  ratinrage  Temporal Rift by Laanscapes  Laanscapes  Can 2014-2 by Laanscapes  Laanscapes

That's All Folks


David aka :iconokavanga:


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